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Creating an account

1.) Call 1-800-544-8992 to see if you meet our requirements as a wholesale customer. After you have been qualified as a wholesale customer you may proceed to create an account. First time customers must meet a $100 minimum opening order requirement.

2.) Click the
Register link.

3.) Fill in your billing information. The required fields are bold.

4.) If your shipping information is the same as your billing, check the box in the Shipping Information section. If not, you may enter this information at a later time.

5.) Enter your preferred Username (we recommend NOT using your email address). If the username has already been used, you will need to choose another that has not been taken.

6.) Enter a password (minimum of 6 characters), then confirm your password in the next field.

Store your username/password in a safe place should you forget them!

7.) Enter the email address you wish to use with this account. This is the email you will receive order confirmations. If selected, you can also use this email to receive product updates and our newsletter. This email and your username will be used to reset your password should you forget it in the future.

8.)Choose the format in which you prefer to receive email.

9.) Review our
Terms & Conditions policy, then check the box to agree once you have read them.

10.) Click the box marked Register.

Note: Users that register Monday-Friday 8a.m. (PST) - 4:30p.m. (PST), please allow up to 24 hours before being approved as a wholesale customer. Users that register on Friday after 4:30p.m. (PST) will be approved within 24 hours the following business day.

Call us: 1-800-544-8992

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