Searching for items


How do I search for items?


1.) Search for items by using the Search box in the top right hand corner of the page. You can search by Product description, Product name, or Product ID. This option is useful when searching for a specific item.

Note: When using the search box, try to type the name as a singular item instead of plural. Example: Needle not needles, or Hook not hooks. Our items are listed as individual products.

2.) Search for items by the Manufacturer (middle box on the right of the page). Click on the drop-down menu to select the manufacturer of the item you are searching for. This option will list all of the products available that we sell by the manufacturer you selected.

3.) Search for items using the Categories menu (near the bottom of the page). Click the category you want to display, or click the "+" box to expand the categories available. If you choose to expand the categories, the options are as follows: Brand, Type/Brand, Type. Some manufacturers have product lines within their brand label. This option will list all items by the manufacturer within a product category.

4.) Search for items using the Site map (very bottom of the page). The site map is an expanded view of all our products and pages associated with our website. This option will allow you to view our entire site in an expanded map.

Example of Our Site Map: