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FP St Stl 36" MIXED Blocking Wires Tube of 12 (black cap)

FP St Stl 36" MIXED Blocking Wires Tube of 12 (black cap)
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*** Due to changes with USPS, a minimum of 6 tubes is now required, but they CAN be spread across different options (lace, mixed, worsted.) An explanation follows***

Shipping update: Unfortunately, USPS has introduced a surcharge of $15 to any package with a length over 30" (on top of the normal shipping charge). UPS has also been charging a similar handling fee, so they aren't any more competitive. To help minimize the effect this painful surcharge would have on you, our customers, we will now cover half of the shipping costs on your box of wires, which should keep your invoice cost close to what you're accustomed to. In order to make that viable, we're forced to require a 6 tube minimum per shipment. It's a difficult situation, and we thank you for your understanding.

Because of length, blocking wires are shipped and billed separately from needle orders.

Friendly Products Stainless Steel Mixed blocking wires include 6 worsted weight and 6 lace weight wires. Wires should be wiped with a soft cloth prior to first use to remove the minimal manufacturing residue.

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